Listed below are the Rwandan Government and Ministry of Health regulations related to COVID-19 that must be adhered to before, during a visit, and on departure. PRE-ARRIVAL

• All travelers to Rwanda will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test (Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction from an ISO-certified laboratory), taken within 72 hours of departure for Rwanda (meaning travelers must get tested and obtain results within 3 days of their first flight). The results of this test must be submitted to the Rwanda Development Board before departing the country of origin and need to be shown on arrival in the country. Note that other tests, such as Rapid Diagnostics Test (RDTs), are not accepted.

• Prior to departure, the passenger locator form (PLF) must be completed and the COVID-19 test certificate uploaded per this link https://rbc.gov.rw/travel/.

• This page will issue a reference number that will be given to health authorities on arrival. All traveler information will be available on the PFL including the hotel they will be staying at on arrival. ARRIVAL

• A second mandatory RT-PCR test will be conducted upon arrival in Kigali to confirm the negative results of the test taken prior to arrival. Authorities have advised that test results will be available within 24 hours, irrespective of arrival time. As travelers must wait in a quarantined room, respecting COVID-19 prevention measures implemented by the Ministry of Health until the results are available, all our itineraries will include sufficient time in Kigali to allow for this. Automatic word wrap
• If travelers are unable to get the first test prior to departure from their country of origin, they will be required to take two tests in Rwanda, allowing for a 48 hour period between tests. The cost of these is US$ 50 per person per test. Automatic word wrap
• Sanitary protocols are followed at the airport, and travelers will be accompanied through baggage collection all the way to the vehicle for their transfer to the hotel. Automatic word wrap
• COVID-19 tests will be conducted at the hotel by the health authorities, where a dedicated COVID-19 desk (including an on-site doctor) will be occupied 24/7. An additional medical service fee of US$ 10 will be charged at the hotel to conduct the test.

• All hotels in Kigali will have a quarantine area. There are a total of 17 certified hotels, including hotels that are Golden Rwandan safaris-approved partner establishments. On check-in at the hotel, travelers will be allocated rooms on a quarantined floor. While travelers wait for the result of the test, they will have to stay in their rooms, including for meals.

• Departing guests must test negative for COVID-19, with the test performed 120 hours before departure. The Rwanda Development Board has advised that as long as the guests depart within 120 hours after the initial test on arrival, they do not need to have a second test. TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS FOR RWANDA The need for a second test prior to departure (at a cost of US$ 50) would only be necessary if visitors are in Rwanda for longer than 5 days. There are testing facilities in Kigali and in Musanze, but currently no facility close to Akagera National.

• The results for all the tests will be communicated by SMS or email using the original reference number.


• Physical distancing must be observed where possible.

• The wearing of masks is mandatory.

• Temperature screening before entering buildings is mandatory.

• All hospitality staff in Rwanda, including those working in national parks plus drivers and guides, will be tested for COVID-19 on a regular basis. Only staff that have tested negative are allowed to work in these spheres. On all HOTELS the staff will be stationed in the lodge area once they have tested negative, with no traveling to surrounding areas in the country for the period that the test is valid.

AIR ACCESS During Covid-19, the following airlines will commence scheduled commercial flights to and from Kigali:

• RwandAir Automatic word wrap
• Ethiopian Airlines Automatic word wrap
• Brussels AirlinesAutomatic word wrap
• Qatar • KLM Automatic word wrap
• Kenya Airways


• Wearing a mask while gorilla trekking is mandatory.

• The maximum number of people on a gorilla trek has been reduced to 6 (used to be 8). It is also possible to book a sole-use trek for US$ 15 000.

• Whilst at Volcanoes National Park HQ, visitors will be briefed on the safety and health measures that are to be followed in order to ensure the wellbeing of oneself and the endangered mountain gorillas.

• Temperatures will also be tested prior to the trek to ensure all visitors are in the recommended temperature range advised by the ministry of health.

• To date, if visitors are turned back by park authorities for ‘medical’ reasons, their permits will be refunded.

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